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Automatic Milk Filling Machine
This 3-in-1machine is mainly used for milk product, such as yoghourt, sour milk, fresh milk, etc. The full automatic progress makes the operating more stable and precise. The fruit pieces in the yoghourt also can be symmetrical, it is a ideal equipment for the milk product manufacturer's choose.

This washing, filling, capping machine adopts the air conveying to send bottles of Frequency Control, adopts the atmospherical filling, bottle washing methods used folder bottleneck type turning down bottles, washed together outside and inside, so that the bottle be able to carry out a full range of washing, filling linked to the use of the bottlenecks in micro-pressure filling, the filling vavels adopts special circumfluence model to avoid the leaking after filling after, using screw-cap bottle hanging torque magnetic way to ensure that the process of screw-cap lid on the rate of damage to a minimum, So that the screw-cap to reach the most perfect state, local rationale for the cover of the system's unique design, using the wind to send to send to build, to build arguments to ensure that no anti-hours to build, build delivery speed and security. Of the equipment design reasonable, security and stability, bottlenecks in the same size, regardless of the size of a bottle of the high and low speed control is not necessary in all parts of the equipment, in addition to the need to replace the output bottle is much easier for the customer's usage to increase Efficiency.

The mixing device in the filling system mix uninterruptedly, which will make the yoghourt more symmetrical with high quality. Together, the temperature on the 3-in-1machine will show the operating temmperature by the scale value, it makes the observing more intuitionistic and safe, it can control the machine working between the scale preestablished. These all make the yoghurt products more competitive and more drinkable.

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